Team of Hub Earth and Environment

Emanuel Soeding

Location: GEOMAR, Kiel
Expertise: RDM, Project Management, Data Science, Geoscience

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Martin Weinelt

Data Steward for Earth and Environment metadata at HMC. Active with spatially enabled information systems, data management standards, architectures and tools. Based at GEOMAR

Andrea Pörsch

Data Steward based at GFZ with focus on domain specific training and consulting. Expert in establishing spatial data infrastructure in the context with ISO 19115, OGC CSW 2.0.2 AP ISO, GDI-BB, GDI-DE and INSPIRE.

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Pier Luigi Buttigieg

I'm a Digital Knowledge Steward and Senior Data Scientist working in the Earth and Environment branch of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration. I research and develop advanced, operational-grade, and internationally adopted knowledge representation (KR) technologies for ecology, planetary science, and Sustainable Development. I apply these solutions in mobilising and analysing complex and high-dimensional data sets, while leading community efforts to enhance global interoperability, particularly in the marine life sciences. My goal is to use data science to better bridge scientific data, information, and knowledge with operations, applications, policy, and society.

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Helen Kollai

Data Steward for Earth and Environment metadata at HMC. Focus on provenance and metadata generation methods, tools and standards.

Your HMC contact based at UFZ, Leipzig.

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The Team of HMC Hub Earth and Environment is (left to right):

  • Andrea Pörsch (GFZ Potsdam)

  • Helen Kollai (UFZ Leipzig)

  • Emanuel Soeding (GEOMAR Kiel)

  • Martin Weinelt (GEOMAR Kiel)

  • Pier Luigi Buttigieg (AWI Bremerhaven)

For questions or support, please contact the person closest to you.

A group photo of the hub team in the GEOMAR Lithothek.